Love! Love! Love!

Welcome to Salt Angel Blue – the home of alternative culture!

This is the home of many musings on technology, politics, pop-cultere, food, music, film, art, entertainment…. You get it… It’s a blog.

Originally this site was setup so that people could write about things that matter without the usual sensationalist nonsense and click-bait headlines. So there are loads of cool and interesting articles from a wide bunch of talented humans (who are also a very friendly bunch… You can see them in the hall of fame).

It has since evolved into a place where I capture my experiences as I bounce through the various worlds I encounter: A bit like a north-east version of Super-Mario, but without the dungarees.

This is me 👉🏼   I’m Kris / Koo (depending on which circles you run in). I control this here website and produce most of the content. Should you feel obliged to stalk me further I’m on Twitter and Insta.