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SaltAngelBlue’s Mission

“To act as a beacon of integrity and truth in a world of sensationalist narratives, ensuring that every story we tell is grounded in history, context, and unwavering journalistic principles. We aim to inform, educate, and provide fresh perspectives.”




  1. Integrity First: We pledge to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity, ensuring that every article and every piece of content is rooted in fact, not opinion.

  2. Challenge the Norm: We believe in questioning the status quo, challenging mainstream narratives, and providing our readers with alternative viewpoints that provoke thought and foster informed debate.

  3. Historical Context: Unlike fleeting news cycles that focus on the moment, we delve deep into history, ensuring that our stories are enriched with context, giving our readers a holistic understanding of the topic at hand.

  4. Diverse Perspectives: We celebrate diversity in thought, ensuring our platform is inclusive and represents many voices and viewpoints.

  5. Guardians of Truth: In an era where the truth is increasingly monopolised, we stand as guardians, ensuring that our readers receive unfiltered, unbiased, and accurate information.


Our Public Purpose

  1. Inform with Perspective: We aim to provide news and stories that inform and offer a fresh perspective, allowing our readers to see beyond the mainstream narrative.

  2. Educate with Context: Our content seeks to educate, delving deep into the annals of history to provide context, ensuring our readers are well-informed and can make decisions based on a comprehensive understanding.

  3. Entertain Thoughtfully: While we aim to entertain, we do so thoughtfully, ensuring that our content is meaningful engaging, and adds value to the discourse.

  4. Challenge Totalitarian Narratives: In a world where media monopolies and corporate giants control the narrative, we stand as a bulwark against the tide, challenging these narratives and ensuring that the truth, in all its facets, reaches our readers.

  5. Promote Critical Thinking: We believe in the power of critical thinking, and through our content, we encourage our readers to “Zoom out. Look for the context. Don’t just believe; understand.”



At SaltAngelBlue, we understand the power of media and its influence on society. We stand committed to our mission, ensuring that every story we tell is not just a story but a tool for enlightenment, understanding, and change. In a world of noise, we strive to be the voice of reason.


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