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Boy From the Short

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Neuron Stars (2017)

12 track LP written, recorded and produced with friends  

The Holy Hand Grenade (2011)

A collection of songs from a post-uni, pre-career world (2009-2011)

Tiffanys (2011)

A song about summer 2011

Non-Stop Joy (2010)

An electro/8-bit/rave/dance tune I once wrote, well,  just because…



Sound Design compositions from 2010

A collection of experimental tracks developed on various music programs and audio software.    

Koo Megamix (2010)

A remix of many, many rock songs and a few famous film quotes for good measure…


A decade inder the unfluence (2009)

A medley of songs created in 2009

Boys from the short (2008)

Original song from 2008.

SaltAngelBlue Album (2009)

A collection of odd bits of songs from 2007-2009


Jude without the E (2008)

Medley of songs from circa 2008

Miles From Home | The Underground Over Emo (2007)

The Sketch Show intro (2007)

Introduction to a cartoon Sketch Show made at University in 2007

My first Animation (2006)

Mile From Home | Live at the Country Park 2005)

Miles from Home (2005)

Rejected | Miles from Home (2003)

The children's book that makes you see the world differently

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