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Ethical AI: Navigating a Digital Frontier

Dive into the ethical challenges of the AI revolution and discover how we can steer technology towards justice, empowerment, and human betterment.

Google Pixel is it worth the hype

Google Pixel: Is it worth the hype?

First his memory started fading. He couldn’t even retain simple pieces of information. Then his response rate got gradually slower and slower. Even simple tasks


2017: Predictions for the Online World

The world is changing, social media is evolving and digital is disrupting.. yada, yada, yada.. We get it. The digital world is big, bold and

Secrets of App production

HITC Sports App: Behind the scenes

 by Rob Sparks, October 2015 Our site, HITC.com, is dedicated to delivering the best sport coverage from our writers and around the web. Translating our

Look into the future

Google Cardboard Review

Upon hearing the words ‘Google Cardboard’ you’d think that this meant some sort of magical, intuitive, digital cardboard box… And you’d be kind right Google have

Mostly my Mum

Who Uses Facebook anyway?

  by Josh Makuch, September 2015 On the 29th August 2015, for the first time ever, over one billion users used Facebook on a single day.

Disney contactless

Disney World’s Magic Band review

 Disney Magic Band Tech Review, by Jonathan Fox, August 2015 Across the pond at the original epicentre of imagination, Disney World Florida, we discover an added

So cool!

LG G4 Review

 Tech Review LG G4. By Jonathan Fox, July 2015 I recently had the fortune of getting my stubby, hot-dog fingers on a brand new LG

Who knows?

YouTube, What Does the Future Hold?

 YouTube: What does the future hold? By Josh Makuch, July 2015 There are not many better examples of the effect of one simple idea on

Are you for real?

Virtual Reality: Are you for real?

 Virtual Reality: Are you for real? By Jonathan Fox June 2015 Our very own ‘techspert’ has an inside look at what’s really going on in the

This isn't actually my hand

Do we really need a smartwatch?

 Jonathan Fox May 2015 Imagine the scenario. You’re basking in the glorious English sun, sunglasses on, cold beer in hand. It’s Saturday afternoon, everyone is

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