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YouTube, What Does the Future Hold?

Who knows?

 YouTube: What does the future hold? By Josh Makuch, July 2015

There are not many better examples of the effect of one simple idea on the modern world, but what’s in store for the future generations of everyone’s video-viewing go-to?

I was sat with a small plate of food, at a small family do, when my ten-year-old niece came over with her tablet to show me a selection of her favourite YouTube clips. It ranged from some classics, such as ‘Charlie bit my finger,’ to Minecraft tutorials, to a couple of videos that I didn’t entirely understand. Whilst watching these videos, she told me something that has stuck in my mind ever since. She said she wants to become a ‘YouTuber’ when she grows up.

Don’t worry if you’re unaware of the concept of a ‘YouTuber.’ My own research has confirmed that there is yet to be a strict definition of what it is exactly. Out there however are some prime examples of ‘YouTuber’ material, that prominent members of the community have created. These range from vlogs and music covers, to game and make-up tutorials to video parodies. In short, anything goes.

I’m fairly certain the career aspirations of myself and my friends at that age were more along the lines of footballers and veterinary nurses, etc. Granted, when I was young YouTube did not yet exist, and was still an inexperienced tadpole still learning how to swim even as my baby niece was born. As we’ve witnessed, that inexperience quickly wore off, and the website just celebrated its 10th birthday. It now boasts over 1 billion users worldwide, and statistics show at least 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Well, I for one believe that deserves a pat on the back!

But what exactly is the big attraction in being ‘big’ on YouTube?

It is at a glance an attractive offer to anyone thinking of entering the YouTube community – the potential to make a living doing something that you love. In my own experience, having tried to become a YouTuber in the past, that was certainly something that attracted me. But from a creative point of view, other than having to abide by the YouTube User Agreement (which undoubtedly you ‘claim’ to have read) you’re free to create almost anything you desire.

So YouTube offers the chance to use your imagination, be creative, earn good money and gain worldwide friendships in the process. And, in most YouTuber cases, a fan-base. Some users have gone on to win book deals and movie roles because of their celebrity status.

As a website and in business exposure terms, YouTube is well established as one of the most important sources for the modern world. And as future generations of children become computer genii, I can only foresee a YouTube community that will continue to grow. At least until a better alternative is created.

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