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Business, Baking and Babies

Business Baking and Babies

I’ve always loved baking! Especially cakes. For me the challenge is to create something that not only tastes good but also takes peoples breath away when they see it. I started baking cakes for friends and family over ten years ago and word quickly spread that my cupcakes and baked treats not only looked great but tasted great too. I started getting hired for birthdays and celebrations and as word got around, business started growing.

It's huuuge!

But the real challenge arose when baking started taking up more and more of my time. At this point I had two small children and was working a full time job. It was really hard to balance work, home, family and cake life and my family always comes first. My dream of running my own cake shop simply had to wait.

Since then I’ve had two more children and my husband and I definitely have our hands full keeping our little tribe of four on the straight and narrow, but they’re growing now and they’re growing up fast! I now find myself with a few more little pockets of time on my hands where I can pick up my piping bags and nozzles and it’s clear my love for cake baking has definitely not wavered.

The Treet House

The best part is that all of my friends and family have been supportive and encouraging and I’ve now opened my own woody little cake house called ‘The Treet House‘ where I share my cakes and tasty creations with the rest of the North East. Business is better than ever and the best part is that I now have four little helpers to pick up the slack!

So, for those ladies who have ever toyed with the idea of opening their own business, I say go for it. You’ll be surprised how much friends and family will be there to help you on your way.


By Michelle Newman


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