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Being a man

Dive into the challenges of modern masculinity. Explore the journey of breaking free from societal expectations and embracing emotional vulnerability.

My latest fad: suber uber health kick 2018

My latest fad: suber uber health kick 2018

My latest fad: suber uber health kick 2018 Maybe it’s the fun of trying something new. Maybe it’s an inherent desire to defy convention. Or


What the Hell is IBD Day?

Hello and welcome to the 19th May 2016. The 19th May is an important date for me, over 300,000 people across the UK and millions


Eating Meat Sucks. Being Vegan Sucks.

Welcome. Hi. This is a story about the time I tried to be vegan and failed miserably and consequentially found out the drawbacks of both

Living with Bi Polar

Living with Bipolar

 By Phil Airson So this is kind of a strange article to write. (Always a good start). This topic is so personal to myself and

Because I have a job!!!

….Why So Serious?

In this day and age never a more valid question was posed… why has being alive become such a serious, unrelenting charade? A constant battle

Like streamlined rock climbing

Bouldering! What is it?

  Stephen Dryden October 2015 Back in 2011 I finally decided to fly the nest. I had been living with my parents throughout University and having

Turns out... Pretty hard

Juicing. How hard can it be?

 by Caroline Airson September 2015 After being swayed ridiculously easily by the persuasive powers of a documentary fat sick and nearly dead my husband and

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