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Five Arguments Against A ‘Flat’ Earth


1. The moon

This is a Lunar Eclipse. That dark bit is the shadow of the earth on the moon. It’s round

Moon coming out of Eclipse on 8-28-2007. Photo taken from western USA.

2. the Sun

Remember that big old thing called ‘The Sun’? Ever noticed how when it rises and sets it disappears OVER the horizon. Well, that’s because we’re spinning away from it.. Like a ball…. A Round ball.


3. Planes

Ever been on an aeroplane? Ever looked out of the window? There seems to be a distinct curve along that whole horizon thing.


4. Night-time / Daytime

You know how it can be midday in one country and midnight in the other? Well that’s not a spooky coincidence. That’s called ‘rotation’. See, the earth is spinning as it orbits the sun…. Spinning… Like a big ball shaped spinny thing.


5. Physical evidence

Call me crazy but I’m an old ‘old-school’ type of person that believes in physical evidence. There’s this great piece of technology recently invented called a ‘Camera’. This highly advanced piece of kit takes a still image (Photograph) of exactly what you’re looking at. Astronauts recently used one of these cameras to take a photograph of the Earth from really far away. And guess what? It was round.

Why the earth isn't flat - physical evidence


Ok. It’s Round. Got it? Good.

Now. Let’s all crack on with our lives and keep any regressive theories safely locked up in the middle ages.

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