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Food review: Dip and Flip


 #food Dip and Flip review. By Ashley Berriman, July 2015

Let’s all show our true colours, and rally to that famous northern battle cry. It goes something like this: Cheese! CHIPS! and …. GRAAAAAA-VYYYYY!!!

This place is for the Northerner in me – perfectly pink burgers, meat packed sandwiches and cheesy chips, and all of them dipped, dunked and smothered in gravy.

The inspiration behind Dip and Flip is the United States’ French Dip sandwich. Hot meat, soaked with rich meat juices, loaded into a chewy baguette. The guys at Dip and Flip have brought this concept to London’s burger scene. Here you can order the meat-in-a-baguette combo, or as we worked out, the even better invention of adding this succulent meat as a topping to your gooey cheeseburger.

The topping options are lamb and beef, but before we could make a recommendation, it was only right that we put them both to the test.

Although the lamb was good, there was no competition. Medium rare, thinly sliced beef on a cheeseburger was a double beef delight. And then there was the gravy… the gravy!! This is no ordinary gravy. This is gravy that takes three days to make, and boy is it worth it. It is this gravy that takes what would on its own be a pretty good cheeseburger, and transforms it into a whole new juicer, tastier, messier experience.

To complement our cheeseburger, topped with beef and then dipped in gravy, what we needed was chips and cheese, and you’ve guessed it, more gravy.

To wash it all down, something called The Pickleback caught our eye. Ever had a tequila? Salt, tequila, lemon. Now swap that to pickle, whisky, pickle juice and you’ve got a Pickleback. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

We’ll be going back because life, and burgers, most definitely taste better dipped in gravy.

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