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How Safe is your Environment?

Check yourself

Do we ever take the time to think about the state of our own personal environment?

 By Eden Milne

When I hear the word ‘environment’, I think of outside and going green, etc. But do we ever take the time to think about the state of our own personal environment? The answer is, probably not. As a mental health professional, I think it’s so important to think about the people we surround ourselves by.

When I was younger, I don’t really think it was something I paid attention to but to be honest I’ve never suffered fools very well therefore the people around me would never really suffocate me because I loved them all.

Someone once said to me, ‘There are two types of people in this world, radiators and drains’. It all clicked into place for me then, what a great metaphor and what a realisation.

Do it!

Lets talk about drains. Do you have people around you that take everything you have to give, empty all your energy tanks and walk away without giving anything back, do they always need you and are never there when you could use a friend, even people that constantly criticise everything you do? If your answer is yes, then my friend, you have yourself a drain?. Drains take all of your positive energy and maybe even your dreams. The bad news is, if you want to live a happy life then you have to bin the drains.

I’ll tell you a little story, I watched my mum lose all of her positivity and her happiness and she had nothing left for herself all because of a friend who was a draining her energy. Eventually she had lightbulb moment and the drain went in the bin. The same thing happened again later, but that person also went in the bin… That person was my dad… Whaat? Hahah, yes it’s true and also a story for another time but now my mum is back to being herself and radiates light, fun and happiness.

I’ve experienced drains myself. We’ve all had friends who are happy to take, take, take, and when you really need their support, they’re nowhere to be found. I’ve since stopped being friends with them and when I look around at my own personal environment, I’m surrounded by nice, warm loving radiators.

Me too

Do you look around yourself and see people that support you when you need it and in turn you support them? Do they inspire you to succeed and push yourself because they encourage you to be the best version of yourself? Do they support what makes you happy and in turn you do the same for them? Do they love you unconditionally? Well, what you’re seeing are radiators and doesn’t it feel great?

“Doesn’t it feel great?”

Why would you have people around you that when they call or text, you don’t respond and spend time thinking up excuses? It’s no fun and leaves you exhausted. It might sound harsh but is your mental health and happiness worth the cost?

With everything life can already throw at us, why don’t we get rid of the drainers and in turn start enjoying ourselves and perfecting our happiness?

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