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By Andrew Lumsden June 2015

Marathon man Andrew Lumsden tells his account of this years London marathon and why we should all give it a go.

It’s definitely not a race, that’s for sure. It’s physically and mentally the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. It’s not just running 26.2 miles; it’s the six months of dedication in the run-up (pun intended). The lunchtime runs, the jogs after work when your mates are going out, those long Sunday runs for hours in pouring rain when you could be on the sofa.

But the sense of achievement, accomplishment and pride knowing you’ve put your body through what, in all fairness, it shouldn’t go through; is something else.

For me training for a marathon was about not giving up the things I enjoy; if anything I scheduled my training around them. Like driving to a pub 15 miles away on a Saturday night, getting a taxi back, then having to run back to get the car the next day. Or rewarding myself with a pub meal and a pint after a long Sunday run (yes, I like pubs; they’re a dying British tradition in need of support).

Get your mind in the right place, and it’s doable. Year after year people of all shapes, sizes, age, attire and levels of fitness prove they can cross marathon finish lines. Give yourself a good reason to do it – a charity, a target time, your bucket list – and keep it at the forefront of your mind as your motivation.

My advice would be don’t let 26.2 miles put you off. When you’re standing on the start line at mile zero – you’re 95% done. And you’ll probably be the healthiest, and fittest you’ve been in your life.

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