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Is this the future of beauty?

Is beauty predictable?

In a material world transfixed with how people look and what people are wearing we ask: is it possible to predict the future trends of what beauty will become?

Our answer?

No! Of course not. Don’t be stupid. Beauty isn’t predictable. Beauty is far more complex than merely what we look like.

Now, stop comparing yourself to these mad forms of perfection thrown in your face by idealistic adverts and unrealistic magazines.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colour and is a completely personal to every single person. I’m beautiful. You’re beautiful. We’re all bloody beautiful and it’s marvellous that everyone is completely unique and doesn’t look or act one single way.

So throw off those shackles of consumerist formalities and let your beautiful freak flag fly. You look amazing as you are.

Happy Friday x

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