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So you need a new superhero?


By Caroline Airson, June 2015

With Marvel and DC battling it out on the big-screen, why not champion a mega-power that’s closer to home? Well here’s a wily wonder hiding out in the English countryside…

Look no further than Mr Toad. OK, he’d need to work on his name, but toads are seriously heavyweight competitors in the world of awesome.

With the agility of Catwoman, the healing powers of Wolverine (ability to grow an arm back anyone?) and the hallucinogenic properties of Poison Ivy, the toad slots easily into pole position as overlord of land and water.


There is no match for this amphibious trickster. Even Aquaman would be quaking in his little green leggings. Mr Toad even eats his own kind.



Leaving the now kin-bloodied water, he transforms into a liquid encased time-bomb, ready to empty his noxious stash on future foe.



Should a competitor for his Overlord crown come knocking, Mr Toad will callously abandon all those he loves. With this final act of coldness, Mr Toad slows his heart rate to cryogenically freeze himself till it’s time to rise again.


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