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Street Art: London

Street art London

Undoubtedly, you will discover the leakage of my grey matter on the pages of this digital island. Needless to say these are mostly indulgences that pertain to my interest in the arts, culture, language, music and whatever else I deem interesting and quirky and wish to share. I invite you to indulge with me, so unleash the culture vulture within and devour on the flesh of what is presented here.



Most of this street art was taken around the Camden Town area of London, thanks to a fantastic Street Art Tour.
I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see art in every day surroundings.

to-be-or-not-to-be man-and-woman alice heart skull saki-and-bitches china-girl amy-winehouse gorilla colours-camden head-to-head no-face soldier-and-child lulu-artworld huto-says-get-kissed-here spray-can animal angel-camden eau-de-pardun cat-camden coy-with-three-eyes owls fish amara-por-dias john-lennon the-real-deal fox made-for-instagram deano coy-fish-camden pikachu bird-with-claws capitalist-gas-mask1 punk-camden dancing get-rich-or-try-sharing free-west-papua purple-face amy-winehouse-bambi decay rhino parrot bones1 wine-bottle china-girl-money sidestreet love people-in-the-rain (1) pink-man1

By Hannah Roberts
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