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The #001 team June 2015

 The #001 team. June 2015

 Here’s the full team that helped bring together this issue. Some great ideas and great articles. Well done guys!

 Kris Makuch. Editor in Chief. So you need a new superhero
 Rebecca Schrieber. Assistant Editor
 Caroline Airson. Contributor. So you need a new superhero
 Jonathan Fox. Contributor. Virtual reality: Are you for real?
 Jonny Meatballs. Contributor. Almost viral
 Eden Milne. Contributor. Breast is Best, but breast ain’t easy
 Jane Welch. Contributor. General Election 2015: What does it mean for the north-east?
 Nicola York. Contributor. Nectarine Haiku
 Ashley Berriman. Marketing Director. Contributor. #food – Maltby Street Market
 Hollie Luck. Contributor. Discovering Luzerne
 Benjamin Robert Muir. Contributor. Blankness
 Philip Airson. Contributor. San Andreas: the review
 Andrew Lumsden. Contributor. In case you’re sitting on the fence
 Jen Pen. Contributor. The future of housing

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