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The Adventures of Buzz and Woody

Buzz and Woody!

The Adventures of Buzz and Woody, August 2015.

Follow the adventures of Woody and Buzz as they adventure around London


“I think you’ve had enough tea for today, let’s get you outta here, Buzz.”


“The coast is clear”


“Buzz, will you get up here and gimme a hand?”


“Buzz! Look! I’ve heard about this guy… Banksy. He draws on walls and never gets wrong off his Mum!”


“Sheriff, this is no time to panic”


“Look Woody! A grape!”


“Buzz! Buzz! Come Back!”


“C’mon! We’re almost there!”


“Do you like scary movies?”


“Careful Woody”


“Good work sheriff”


“A stranger! from the outside!” *Oooooooh*


“Buzz. There’s nothing in there but picks! Gimme my hat!”


“Buzz, get your foot out my face!”


“Years of academy training wasted.”


“This is the plate’s Buzz”


“Woody! Get out of there! You look like a fairy!”


“Erm, Sheriff… Where’s your hat……?”


“Have you put on weight Buzz?”


“Is!” “Isn’t!” “Is!!” “Isn’t!!” “Is, is is!!!” “Is not times infinite and beyond!!!”


“Psst! Up here Buzz.”


“Go big or go home Buzz!”


“Buzz! What the Hell!? This isn’t Home Alone!”


“HA! Bet they didn’t teach you THAT at your fancy pants space school!”


“This is the return of the space cowboys!”


“I don’t even understand how I got up here…”


“Well isn’t this guy just the most foul mouthed toy I’ve ever met?”


“If you want your hat back so much, why don’t you just come over here and take it? Tough guy.”

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