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The Marketers Playbook Item #001: The Missing Cat

Item one!
Call me barmy, but I’m a fan of the unusual. I like things that are different. Things that aren’t run-of-the-mill. Things that stand out. Things that are REMARKABLE!

So it stands to reason why the marketing efforts behind Salt Angel Blue would be a bit out of the ordinary… So in a new series I’m going to take you on a little behind the scenes tour of the odd and interesting things that we try.

First up.. The missing cat!

After seeing a bunch of cat posters around town I wondered if there was a clever way of spinning this concept into a shameless marketing plug.

Of course there is!

Using a great cat article by our very own Niamh, I set about creating an A4 poster that looked like a missing cat advert. I tried to keep it relatively simple in order to look similar to what people actually post around town.

I printed out twenty posters that stated the obvious “Have you seen this cat” along with some nice pictures. Then underneath it stated “because he is awesome along with the link to the web address.

We then posted all of them around town in obvious areas including bus stops, lamp-posts around parks etc.

They looked well cool!

Here are the locations we hit around London:

Now it’s all well and good trying these ideas, but did the posters actually have an effect?

Using the Google Analytics plugged into  our website, we can see how many people visited that  specific web-page.

And the grand total of people that we managed to reach is….

(Drum roll please)…

A grand total of TWO hits!

Given the time and effort that went in to creating the posters and getting them up around town I don’t think we’ll be trying this one again.

On to the next experiment!

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