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The September 2015 team

Look at those pretty faces!

 Kris Makuch, Editor in Chief, The time we saved the world from a Zombie Apocalypse

 Andrew Lumsden, User testing
 Ashley Berriman, Contributor, Sticks n Sushi food review
 Josh Makuch, Contributor, Who even uses Facebook?
 Philip Airson, Contributor, The time we saved the world from a Zombie Apocalypse
 Jonny Meatballs, Contributor, Almost viral
 Caroline Airson, Contributor, Juicing, how hard can it be?
 Eden Milne, Contributor, When life give you lemons: make lemonade. When life gives you diabetes: Don’t
 Peter Hall, Contributor, Caribbean stout beer review
 Jonathan Fox, Contributor, Google Cardboard review
 Phil Lancaster, Contributor, Running all over the world. An addicts revelation
 Niamh BL, Contributor, Why I want a Savannah cat

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