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The Top 5 Old School Games You Can Play Free Online

Top 5 classic games online

Welcome to the old school!

We’ve scoured the web to bring you the top FIVE classic games from our childhood. Prepare to be nostalgiacised!

Number Five

You can play Sonic the Hedgehog online! One of the absolute classics! Just use the arrows and S-D keys to control!



Number Four

Play Super Mario in your browser! Use the arrows and S-D keys to move.

What a game


Number Three

I mean what’s more stress relieving than playing Duck Shoot at your desk!? Just use your mouse to hit the birds.

Remember this?


Number Two

This is awesome! Spend an hour playing Pokemon through Google Chrome! Just beware that you can’t save….

Aw yea!


Number One

And finally! You can actually play Earthworm Jim right now!

The best


Now away with you. Go spend hours playing your merry way through eighties and nineties classics!

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