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This Halloween. The Dead Will Rise.


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SaltAngelBlue Rises from the Dead: A Call to Writers!


SaltAngelBlue is rising from the digital graveyard in the spirit of Halloween, and we’re on the hunt for fresh souls… I mean, writers! 🎃💀

As the veil between the living and the dead grows thin this October, so does the line between truth and deception in the media landscape. But fear not, for SaltAngelBlue is here to shine a lantern in the darkest corners of misinformation, casting away the shadows with the blazing power of truth.


Why We Need You


The world is filled with tales of horror, not just the ones with ghouls and ghosts, but those that lurk in the pages of mainstream media, waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting reader. We at SaltAngelBlue dare to challenge the norm, to question the unquestionable, and to dive deep into the abyss of the unknown. But to do this, we need you.

If you’ve ever felt the chill of a story untold, the itch to uncover a hidden truth, or the burning desire to challenge the status quo, then you might have what it takes to join our coven… sorry, team!



What’s at Stake?


The media landscape is treacherous, filled with traps and tricks that can lead even the most discerning reader astray. With the rise of sensationalist headlines, biased reporting, and a focus on momentary agendas, the true essence of journalism is at risk of being buried forever.


But at SaltAngelBlue, we believe in the resurrection. We believe in bringing back the dead art of true journalism, of reporting with integrity, and of challenging the mainstream narrative. We aim to provide fresh perspectives grounded in history and context to offer our readers a glimpse of the bigger picture.


Join Us… If You Dare


So, if you’re ready to pick up the pen and embark on a journey into the unknown, we want to hear from you. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a newbie looking to make your mark, SaltAngelBlue offers a platform for voices that dare to be different.


Send us your spookiest pitches, your most chilling tales, and your most haunting investigations. Let’s work together to bring truth back from the dead.


Remember, at SaltAngelBlue, we don’t just celebrate Halloween once a year. We live it every single day. So, join us in our eternal quest for truth, and let’s make every day a Halloween to remember.


SaltAngelBlue: Exposing the Shadows, One Story at a Time.


Interested writers should email kris@saltangelblue.co.uk


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