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We broke Facebook and found the best Easter egg ever!

I recently heard about the guy who liked everything that appeared in his Facebook feed. After 48 hours he had completely overrun his friends’ news feeds with everything he’d liked. Then Facebooks’ algorithms just kept giving him more and more content to like. It sounded really interesting and made me think…

“What would happen if you tried to hide everything in your Facebook feed?”

So in true Salt Angel Blue style I went on what has now been deemed as ‘Project getthehelloffmyfacebook’ (Trademark pending). Every post that appeared in my news feed was banished using the ‘Hide all’ function.

At first it was pretty easy. Click, dropdown, hide all from X, and repeat. Easy. The first thing to notice was that people are easy to hide, but company pages are pretty relentless and suggested pages start dominating the screen. By this stage it was mostly marketing campaigns trying to grab my attention.

It took a few days of popping in and out of Facebook but eventually the end was in sight.

Every day there were less things appearing to hide and my feed was getting shorter until finally, it happened…

In a mark of absolute genius Facebook had hidden an absolute peach of an Easter egg deep in their website…

Facebook Tetris

Tetris appeared! That’s right, that beautiful little game from the nineteen eighties magically appeared in my Facebook. Makes sense right? I mean essentially I’d been going through my news feed line by line trying to make the content disappear, so this is the perfect little secret.

What was interesting is that after I went back to my feed the next day more content had started appearing again. So I presume that the longer you leave your account the further away Tetris becomes. Either way a great little gem to find. Well done Facebook.

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