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Romance Is In The Air

We’ve all seen Disney and Pixar films. We all know animals fall in love and live happily ever after. But even as a child I

Look at him! He's so cuute!

Why I want a Fennec Fox

  by Niamh BL, October 2015 Next in my series of cool animals I really want is the fennec fox, a very cute, Chihuahua-sized desert-dweller that

soo cute!

Why I want a Savannah cat

 by Niamh BL, September 2015 It’s well known that the internet is primarily made of cats. And quite right too, everybody loves a cat. So

Aaaah insects!

Insects Make the best Superheroes

 Insects are the best superheroes, by Caroline Airson, August 2015 In response to Marvel: “Ant-man is the smallest superhero.” One of the taglines for Marvel’s new

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