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Why I want a Savannah cat

soo cute!

 by Niamh BL, September 2015

It’s well known that the internet is primarily made of cats. And quite right too, everybody loves a cat. So it seems only sensible add one more cat article to the pile. More specifically, an article about the Savannah cat, a large, awesome domestic cat-serval hybrid which was bred in the 1990s in the USA for no discernable reason other than that they’re extremely cool. The serval, Wikipedia tells me, is a medium sized, large eared African wild cat. Initially bred with a domestic Siamese cat, 20 or so years of breeding and refinement have produced the modern Savannah cat – a lightweight, exotic looking animal about the size of a Labrador.

And I REALLY want one.

Aside from their obvious magnificence, the main reason is that it would significantly increase my credibility as a resident of East London. I’m just not naturally quirky enough to fit in on the trendy streets of Hackney. But what’s more hipster than a giant wild-cat on a lead? Finally I can sit in London Fields with my Savannah cat knowing that I’m more original than my craft beer-drinking, fixie-bike riding neighbours. Could it kill me? Maybe. Do I care? No!

Admittedly, there are some obstacles that I’ll need to overcome first. I’m pretty sure that Savannah cats are illegal in the UK so I’m going to have to start intensively lobbying the government. I think my chances are pretty good though. Once DEFRA sees how majestic they are I’m sure they won’t stand in my way. I’m also going to have to start lobbying my flatmate, with whom I share a small 6th floor apartment with no outdoor space. Might be more tricky…

But overall I think owning a Savannah cat is well within my sights. I just need to get my hands on $12,000, cat-proof the flat and I’ll be good to go. In fact, maybe I’ll get two!

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